Turbo Fiberpad


Turbo Fiberpad


The unique Turbo Fiberpad has recently been developed for the fine sanding of parquet floors and the thorough cleaning of various surfaces such as wood, stone and metal.

For fine sanding of parquet floors, this Turbo Fiberpad is comparable to the classic sanding discs with sanding grain P80 and P100 that are used under single-disc machines. Due to the turbo-shape and the open fiber structure, this pad has a very high sanding capacity, excellent dust removal and ensures a scratch-free finish, ready for oiling or painting. In addition to a scratch-free finish, this pad also provides a lightly brushed effect to the wood. Due to the open structure, there is no accumulation of sanding dust, as with traditional sanding discs. The abrasive grain therefore remains free for optimum sanding!

Due to the extremely long service life, sanding discs do not have to change at the center of a sanding job, so there is no risk of gloss differences. For a seamless transition with the edges there is the Fiberpad with velcrohecting (150 mm diameter), compatible with most hand sanders.
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