Eco Super Intense 2K


Eco Super Intense 2K


Eco Super Intense 2K primer is a two-component, water-based PU primer with warm color effect that can be used as the first layer for all 2K Blue Dolphin lacquers. Thanks to the high solids content, this 2K primer has a large filling capacity. This ensures that the pores of the wood are filled after applying only 1 layer of primer, making this primer extremely suitable for tropical woods. Also this primer has a color deepening effect. Because of this, this primer is very well suited to use on darker floors.

We recommend shaking this product well before use. Also mix component A and B thoroughly. Mixing Ratio 5:1

Apply this primer with a BD Universal 9mm microfiber roller in a smooth motion. After 16-24 hours, first polish the surface with a 220 grit. After polishing, you can finish the floor with one of the 2K finishes. For optimal results, this primer must be coated with two layers of Eco Super Seal 2K or Eco Wood 2K.

BD Eco Super Intense 2K is available in a 6L package.

Meet the VOC limit value.

Always view the most current processing instructions in the technical specifications before processing.

Consumption: 9 - 11 m²/L

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