Spray Mop Set


Spray Mop Set


Spray Mop Set is the ideal helper for your household. This professional mop set is made of durable materials, super user-friendly and always ready to use. With the BD Spray set you can refine your floor both wet and dry in a quick, easy and smooth way. Easy if you use little water and cleaning agent, the floor is quickly dry and walkable again.

The Blue Dolphin Spray Mop set consists of the following items: aluminum spray handle, base plate, microfibre duo mop, loose spray bottle and a high-quality duster.


1. Unscrew the blue cap from the Blue Dolphin aluminum sample.
2. Fill the stem with water (max 600 ml).
3. For heavily soiled floors, add a few drops of Blue Dolphin Multi cleaner.
4. Push the cap back and turn it huge without applying force.
5. Attach the mop to the underside of the Blue Dolphin base plate.

Are you looking for a handy overview of all Blue Dolphin maintenance products? In that case, consult the BD Maintenance Guide. Do you have any questions, or are you looking for a Blue Dolphin Dealer in your area? Check out our where to buy page.
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