Soft Balm


Soft Balm


Blue Dolphin Soft Balm is a special nourishing maintenance product for with Blue Dolphin One Coat 2K Oil, Blue Dolphin Hardwax Oil or Blue Dolphin Lacquer treated floors. Thanks to the special formula based on maintenance oil, the Blue Dolphin Soft Balm not only cleans, but also has a very strong nourishing effect. This maintenance product contributes to the durability and preservation of the natural appearance of the wooden surface.

We recommend shaking the product well before use. Then mixing 3 cups of Soft Balm in 2L of water. If necessary, the dosage can be increased (if necessary) to 5 caps on 2L of water. For lacquer floors, we recommend reducing the dosage to 1 cap on 2L of water. Apply the product thin and evenly to the surface that has to be treated. For this you can use the Blue Dolphin Spraymop in combination with the Blue Dolphin Duo Mop or Polish Cloth. It is also possible to polish the surface with a cotton cloth after drying for around 20 minutes.

Blue Dolphin Soft Balm is available in Transparant and White. Wood floors finished with BD One Coat 2K Oil Bianco, Transparant White, White, Super White, and Smoked White are recommended to be maintained with Soft Balm White.
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