Polish Remover


Polish Remover


Blue Dolphin Polish Remover is a universal product specially designed for the removal of old polish layers on lacquered wood, parquet or cork. Also suitable for removing old wax and polymer layers on PVC floors.

1. Dilute the Polish Remover with handwarm water (ratio 1 to 10) and clean the floor thoroughly with a soaked Duodweil in combination with a Blue Dolphin Spraymop.
2. Scrub the floor by rubbing away the old polish layers along with the dirt as much as possible with the grain of the wood.
3. After cleaning, wash the floor with clean water and wipe dry. Make sure that no residual product remains.
4. Once the floor is completely dry, it can be provided with a new layer of Blue Dolphin Super Polish. The drying time can vary greatly due to factors such as temperature, ventilation and humidity.

Do not apply the undiluted product directly to the surface.

The Blue Dolphin Polish Remover is available in a 1L package.

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