Norton Mesh Ceramic net 150mm


Norton Mesh Ceramic net 150mm


The NEW Norton MeshPower 150mm sanding disc provides a powerful dust extraction for virtually dust free sanding. This means a cleaner, healthier working environment, a better finish and a much more pleasant sanding experience. The open structure and premium bond system means that it can be used wet or dry for the perfect results. The self-gripping backing allows for a quick and easy disc change. As there is no designated hole pattern it is easy to align to any backing pad which saves time and effort aligning holes.

With its ceramic quality, it sands extremely well, hard and nevertheless leaves behind a beautiful scratch-free sanding image.

Norton Mesh Ceramic Sanding Net 150mm is available in grit 60, 80, 100 and 120.

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New Norton Mesh Power!!

De nieuwste technologie op het gebied van schuurmaterialen.