Hardwax-oil White


Hardwax-oil White


Blue Dolphin Hardwax-oil White is a high-quality product made from natural raw materials. The product enlivens the naturale structure of the wood with an even 'whitewash' effect.

Hardwax-oil White serves as a a primer on oak and other colourable woods. After treatment, always finish with Blue Dolphin Hardwax-oil Satin of Matt for a load-bearing, dirt and water repellent surface that is highly scratch-resistant. Hardwax-oil is suitable for the most common types of wood, cork, natural stone and wood-based panels. For tropical woods we recommend using the BD One Coat 2K Oil.

Before use, the Hardwax-oil White muyst be well shaden and stirred, then spread thinly and evenly with a lint-free cloth or polishing machine. It is important that the oil is properly polished. A second coat of Hardwax Satin or Matt can be applied after approx. 24 houts.

Blue Dolphin Hardwax-oils are easy to maintain. Blue Dolphin Eco Multi Cleaner can be mixed weekly with the mop water, this maintenance product not only has a cleaning effect but also has a degreasing effect. We recommend the BD Fix & Fill for the monthly maintenance. For the large or annual maintenance of your wooden floor you can use the BD Maintenance wax or BD Maintenance Oil.

Consumption (2 layers): 0,25L: > 3 m²          0,75L: > 9 m²          2,5L: > 30 m²          10L: > 120 m²

TD BD Hardwax White

SD BD Hardwax White

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