Blue Dolphin Hardwax-oil Satin


Blue Dolphin Hardwax-oil Satin


Blue Dolphin Hardwax-oil satin and matt are high quality wood finishing products made from natural raw materials. This product enlivens the natural structure and deepens the color of the treated surfaces. In addition, this finish creates a resilient, dirt and water-repellent top layer with an open pore structure that remains largely free of yellowing. Blue Dolphin Hardwax oil is an ideal finish for the most common types of wood, cork and OSB boards. Suitable as a base layer and as a finishing layer. Hard wax oil can also be used as a finish (second layer) on the BD One Coat 2K Oil.

For the finishing of tropical wood we recommend to use the BD One Coat 2K Oil transparant as the first layer. You can then finish this 2K oil after drying for at least 30 hours with a layer of Hardwax Oil Satin or Matt.

Blue Dolphin Hardwax-oils are easy to maintain. Blue Dolphin Eco Multi Cleaner can be mixed weekly with the mop water, this maintenance product not only has a cleaning effect but also has a degreasing effect. We recommend the BD Fix & Fill for the monthly maintenance. For the large or annual maintenance of your wooden floor you can use the BD Maintenance wax or BD Maintenance Oil.

Consumption (2 layers): 0,25L: > 3 m²          0,75L: > 9 m²          2,5L: > 30 m²          10L: > 120 m²

TD BD Hardwax-olie

SD BD Hardwax-olie
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