Eco Starter


Eco Starter


Eco Starter is a water based primer that serves as the first layer for the Eco Seal, Eco Super Seal 2K and Eco Wood 2K lacquer. For the application of this primer we recommend using our Universal Microfiber 9mm roller. This primer is completely water based and has excellent chemical & physical properties such as: High solid content and transparency, quick drying and very easy to sand. Eco Starter does not stain the wood and minimizes the grain shown in the wood.

After 1 to 1.5 hours without sanding you can apply the first layer of Eco Seal, Eco Super Seal 2K or Eco Wood 2K. When the first layer is applied after 12 hours, you first have to polish the surface with a 220 grit. We recommend that you first make a test before treating the floor and shake and stir the product well.

Eco Starter primer is available in a 1L and 5L package.

Meets the VOC limit value.

Before processing always view our most current processing instructions in the technical specifications.

Consumption:  9-11 m²/L
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