Eco Fix & Fill


Eco Fix & Fill


Blue Dolphin Eco Fix & Fill is a cleaning and maintenance product for wooden floors that have been treated with Blue Dolphin Hardwax Oil. You can use Eco Fix & Fill for the montly maintenance. The product nourishes the wood and leaves a thin film layer on the surface that is wear-resistant. Eco Fix & Fill is skin-friendly, contains no chlorine and is biodegradable. Also suitable for maintaining stones, oiled wooden floors, cork, plastic and PVC floors. Can be used for both domestic and project-based purposes.

Before you start treating you floor with Eco Fix & Fill it is important to thoroughly clean the floor and ensure a dust-free surface. Mix 1 cap with 1L water and mop the floor with a slightly moist Blue Dolphin Duo Mop or Blue Dolphin Polish Cloth in combination with the Blue Dolphin Spraymop. The drying time is approximately 10 to 15 minutes. We recommend that you do not apply undiluted Eco Fix & Fill to the surface.

You can use Eco Fix & Fill in combination with Blue Dolphin Eco Multi Cleaner. This maintenance product has a degreasing and cleaning effect and you can use it on a weekly basis to maintain your floor. By using both of these products you keep your floor in an optimal condition.

Blue Dolphin Eco Fix & Fill is available in a 1L and 5L package.

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