Eco Extreme UHD 2K


Eco Extreme UHD 2K


Blue Dolphin Eco Extreme UHD 2K is the newest generation water-based, 2 component, polyurethaan lacquer for wooden surfaces. This newest development lacquer provides a formula that is charactarized by the very high solids content with extremely high wear resistance and durability, easy processing and a deep matt appearance. Because of these charactaristics BD Eco Extreme UHD (Ultra High Durability) is very well suited for heavy project based use.

Process Eco Extreme UHD 2K directly on the woon in three layers or in combination with one of the BD Primer like the Eco Basic, Super Basic 2K or Super Intense 2K. You need to apply this lacquer with the BD Universal 9mm microfiber roller in a smooth motion. When processing this lacquer, it is important to apply more that enough product. The second layer can be applied after 3-5 hours.

Also applicable as a lacquer finish on the One Coat 2K Oil. When processing the Eco Extreme UHD 2K lacquer over the BD One Coat 2K Oil, it is important to let the oiled surface dry for approximately 30 hours before the lacquer can be applied.

We recommend that you first make a test and shake and stir the product well before use. Ensure that the two components are well mixed.

Eco Extreme UHD 2K is available in a 5.5L package.

Meets the VOC limit value.

Always view the most current processing instructions in the technical specifications before processing.

Consumption: 10 - 14 m²/L
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