Blue Dolphin Ungreyer


Blue Dolphin Ungreyer

Blue Dolphin liquid Ungreyer is a friendly solvent-free, eco cleaner, developed for refreshing and cleaning your outdoor wood like decks, fences and furniture which become grey.
The natural colour of the wood will be visible after treatment. To protect the wood for a long time against the greying process, we recommend you to use Blue Dolphin UV-Protect and/or Blue Dolphin Bangkirai Oil after you treated the wood with Blue Dolphin liquid Ungreyer. Treatment in this way, the natural appearance will be preserved for a longer time.
Make the surface to be treated wet with some water. Apply the Blue Dolphin Ungreyer with a brush. Depending on the greying of the wood, you can apply it pure or diluted (max. 1 to 5 with water). Scrub the ungreyer in the direction of the grain. After 15 minutes you can clean the surface with a brush in combination with water untill the original colour is visible. After that you can rinse the surface with some water. Repeat the treatment if necessary. Do not apply if the temperature is under 8 degrees. After 12 till 24 hours, the wood can be treated, to protect it against quick greying. We recommend you to use Blue Dolphin UV-Protect and/ or Blue Dolphin Bangkirai Oil.
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