Blue Dolphin Super Polish


Blue Dolphin Super Polish


Blue Dolphin Super Polish is a very high-quality maintenance product that is suitable for the maintenance of wooden surfaces treated with Blue Dolphin Lacquer. This polish has a high wear resistance and is dirt and water repellent. The dry film is non-slip and is resistant to soap and water. Very suitable for wooden floors that are finished with the water-born Blue Dolphin Eco Seal or Eco Super Seal 2K.

You can use the Blue Dolphin Super Polish undiluted. We recommend shaking this product well before use. First thoroughly clean and degrease the floor with Blue Dolphin Eco Multi Cleaner and let it dry well. It is also important that the surface is dust-free. You can apply the parquet polish thinly and evenly with the Blue Dolphin Polish Cloth or a flat sponge. Then let it dry well. If you are processing the polish with a Combi Floor Wiper and a flat sponge, you should immerse the wiper in the polish, wring it out well and apply a thin layer. The drying time is approximately 2 hours at a room temperature of 20°C.

Blue Dolphin Super Polish is available in a 1L package.
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