Blue Dolphin Reaction Stain


Blue Dolphin Reaction Stain

Blue Dolphin reaction stain gives untreated wood a deep and full colour with a natural appearance.

The wooden surface to be treated has to be sanded and free of dirt. The reaction stain needs to be applied uniform with a roller, brush, sponge or paint sprayer. Pigment thickenings you will have to rub out with a dry cotton cloth. After drying you can apply BD Colour Oil, 2K Oil, Hardwax-oil or a lacquer as finishing layer. If you choose to finish the stain with the BD One Coat 2K Oil, it is important to polish the applied oil well. The result is a full and deep colour appearance, with particularly beautiful colour nuances.

Blue Dolphin reaction stain is available in the following seven colors: White, Pure, Smoked, Dark Smoked, Old Grey, Antracite and Antique.

Shake well before use. We recommend  to always make a test.
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