Blue Dolphin Maintenance Oil


Blue Dolphin Maintenance Oil


Blue Dolphin Maintenance Oil is a high-quality product for the maintenance of all wooden floors treated with oil, such as BD One Coat 2K Oil and BD Hardwax Oil. The result is a floor with an open pore, durable and water-repellent finish with a silky appearance. Blue Dolphin Maintenance Oil prevents physiological wear at, for example, the door entrance. This maintenance product is suitable for the annual maintenance of your wooden floor.

Before you treat your floor, it must be dry, clean and free of dust. Use a Blue Dolphin Polish Cloth, BD Pad or lint-free cloth for processing and ensure that the oil is properly spread. We do not recommend using the product at a room temperature below 16°C. Apply an even, thin layer. Always make a test first. Ensure good ventilation when drying the oil.

Drying time: Touch dry after 6-12 hours (20°C / 50-55% relative humidity). Start using the floor carefully after 1 day. Fully loadable and cured after 3 days.

We recommend that you shake and stir this product well before use.

Blue Dolphin Maintenance Oil is available in transparant and white.

Consumption: 1L>60 m²
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