BD Intensive Cleaner


BD Intensive Cleaner


Blue Dolphin Intensive Cleaner is a universal intensive cleaner that can be used on heavily soiled floors treated with BD One Coat 2K Oil, Hardwax oil or varnish. Pay attention! For normal cleaning of the floor you simply use the Blue Dolphin Eco Multi Cleaner.

To clean your (contaminated) wooden floor, use the intensive cleaner directly on the surface to be treated. Then let the product withdraw for a few minutes. After this you must treat / scrub the surface with a green scrub pad. After this treatment you should rinse or mop the surface with clean water and dry with a cloth until the floor is dry. It is also important that no residual product remains on the floor.

After treatment with the Blue Dolphin Intensive Remover you should mop the treated surface with Blue Dolphin Eco Multi Cleaner. After this you can provide the wooden floor with a new finishing layer.
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