Blue Dolphin Bangkirai Oil


Blue Dolphin Bangkirai Oil

Blue Dolphin Bangkirai Oil is a natural wood treatment for indoor and outdoor wood, with weather resistant oils and microscopic pigments, which will block UV-radiation and protect your wood.
Blue Dolphin bangkirai Oil is the professional wear-free maintenace for your exotic types of wood in your garden or at your terrace, wooden ceilings, carports, garden furniture and fences. Suitable for exotic types of wood like Bangkirai, Iroko, Mahony, Meranti, Nyatoh, Roble, Jarrah, Billinga and alsof or Douglas, Robinia, Larics and Ceder.
Blue Dolphin Bangkirai Oil has got a satin/glossy, matt appearance which is odourless after curing. Free from toxic active substances. Hardwood has got a long during protection.
Blue Dolphin Hardwood Oil can also be mixed with Blue Dolphin Eco Colour Oil. The mixing ratio is max. 10% colour with the Hardwood Oil.
Some nice mix combinations are Bangkirai Oil with Eco Colour Antracite, White, Antique, Ebb and Gothic.
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