BD 89 PU Glue


BD 89 PU Glue


BD89 is a 2-component PU adhesive without the addition of water, epoxy and organic solvents. Suitable for laying parquet on cement and wooden subfloors. Also applicable to floor heating. Suitable for users with an epoxy allergy.

BD89 is suitable for every type of wood. The floor must in any case be completely smooth and even. In addition, the surface must be completely dry, free of cracks and completely clean. If the subfloor is porous of crumbly, you must first apply a layer of Blue Dolhin Primer A or Blue Dolphin BD600 Rapid Primer. the drying time of this depends on the primer used (see product information sheet).

We recommend that you always consult our glue guide before using the glue.

BD89 PU Glue is available in 11kg buckets (10kg comp. A and 1kg comp. B).

Consumption: 1200-1800 g/m²

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