One Coat 2K Oil


One Coat 2K Oil


The latest technologically and sustainably developed oil at the moment: Blue Dolphin One Coat 2K Oil. With this oil you can color and protect in just one layer!

One Coat 2K Oil is a solvent-free, impregnating 2 component 'full solid' oil for protecting and coloring wooden surfaces in one layer. Very suitable for parquet, wooden floors, wooden furniture and other wooden surfaces. With 1 liter 2K Oil (800ml comp. A + 200ml comp. B) you can treat approximately 40 - 45 m² of wooden surface. To make a color sample, all 17 colors are also available in jars of 100ml. You can also choose to finish One Coat 2K Oil with an extra layer of Hardwax Oil, Eco Super Seal 2K or Eco wood 2K.

NOTE: After mixing components A and B, the oil can expand. We therefore recommend that you do not close the can after mixing.

For maintenance of the Blue Dolphin One Coat 2K Oil, we recommend three different product. You can use BD Eco Multi Cleaner for weekly maintenance. We recommend the BD Soft Balm for the monthly maintenance. And to maintain your wooden surface on a yearly basis we recommend using the BD Maintenance Oil. Both the BD Soft Balm and BD Maintenance Oil are available in white for the lighter One Coat 2K Oil colors.

BD One Coat 2K Oil contributes to the durability of your wood, while retaining the natural, warm appearance and ensures a strong water and dirt-repellent, matt scratch-resistant top layer. Because of that this oil is also very suitable for renovations and project-based use.

BD One Coat 2K Oil meet the DIN-73 requirements for children's toys and furniture.

The BD One Coat 2K Oil Color Chart and the color page provide a nice overview of all unique 17 available colors.
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