Pads and Tools

Suitable for cleaning your tools.
Suitable for mechanical cleaning, oiling or waxing of hard carpets.
BD Turbo Fiberpad
Turbo-Fiber pad for scratch-free sanding and light brushing of your parquet floor.
Ideal when you are using lacquers or hardwax.   
Ideal when you are using lacquers or hardwax.
You can attach the bracket on a Blue Dolphin telescope pole, in combination with Blue Dolphin rollers.
Suitable for applying of Blue Dolphin Hardwax satin/glossy or matt.
For applying of all Blue Dolphin lacquers and primers.
Strongly impregnated cleaning wipes.
uitable for the polishing of color oils and removing of oils.
Suitable for polishing of color oils and removing oils.
Floorbrush for applying of BD Hardwax oils.
Ideal for cleaning of outdoor wood like garden furniture and fences.
Suitable for attaching of floating slats or massive parquet floors.
High quality glue trowel, made out of steel.
To make the processing of the High Tack Kit very easy
Backing pad for attachement on a Rotex 150mm sanding machine or satellite disk.

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