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High quality color chart
De Blue Dolphin Spray Mop Set is de ideale hulp in uw huishouding. Deze professionele dweilset is gemaakt van duurzame materialen, super gebruiksvriendelijk en altijd gebruiksklaar.
A Aromatics-free thinner. Suitable for the cleaning of your tools.
Properties The unique Turbo Fiberpad has recently been developed for the fine sanding of parquet floors and the thorough cleaning of various surfaces such as wood, stone and metal. For fine sanding of parquet floors, this Turbo Fiberpad is comparable to the classic sanding discs with sanding grain P80 and P100 that are used under […]
Kwalitatief zeer hoogwaardige 16'' dunne paarse pad gs320. Uitstekend geschikt om lak vloeren tussen te schuren of te polijsten.
Backing pad to attach on a Rotex 150mm sanding machine or satellite disk.
Multiblade saw blades for various oscillating multitools
Handy tool for oiling, cleaning and sanding chamfered edges.
Backing pad to attach on a Rotex 150mm sanding machine or satellite disk.
The pads are available in the following colours : White, Beige, Red, Green and Black. Particularly suitable for mechanical cleaning, oiling or waxing of hard carpets. Sizes : 6’’ thick, 12’’ thick, 16’’ thin/thick.
Special thin 16" felt pad gray for the mechanical removal of excess oil. The pad is easy to use for the professional by means of a polishing machine. Also available in a white cotton version of sheep's wool. The size is 406mm.
Handy pad holder that can be used in combination with the BD edge pads.
This professional floorbrush is made out of high quality products. After cleaning the brush, you are able to use it several times. The floorbrush is particularly suitable for applying Hardwax Oils.
Brushes suitable for applying lacquer and/or oils.
Handige en hoogwaardige lakbak bij het gebruik hardwax-olie en lak.
Premium microfibre rollers suitable for applying Hardwax-Oil, Varnish and primers.
Varnish bucket
Complete verfset bestaande uit lakbak, inlegvel, roller, rollerbeugel en kwast.
Ideal when you are using lacquer or hardwax. The tray has got a capacity of 5 ltr.
Professional quality scrub brush. Ideal for cleaning of outdoor wood like garden furniture and fences in combination with Blue Dolphin Ungreyer. For large surfaces we recommend you to use a brush in combination with a pole.
Glue trowel, made out of steel. Available in different gear profiles. Suitable for the application of all Blue Dolphin Adhesives.
For processing High Tack kit
Availabe in 2 different sizes. Suitable for attaching of floating slats or massive parquet floors. Makes it unnecessary to use BD 10. Placing every 30 cm between wall and parquet parts. Keeps the floor tensioned.
Strongly impregnated cleaning wipes. particularly suitable for the cleaning of tools, oils, glues, lacquers, kit, greasiness, dirt and sticky residues. Packed in a convenient dispenser box with 150 pieces.
White cleaning rag, cut out of sheets, suitable for the polishing of color oils and removing of oils. The cleaning rags have been cut in different sizes and are packed in a convenient dispenser box.
Universele overschoen. Ideaal tijdens het lakken, oliën etc. van houten vloeren

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