Strong glue/kit for attaching building materials and especially MDF skirting boards. Very high suction strenght.    
1 component waterbased nano-technology prymer
The Blue Dolphin Polymer Kit is extremely suitable for direct gluing and mounting of the most common (building) materials. Immediately hand-held due to great initial adhesion. A feature of the Blue Dolphin Polymer Kit is that it is somewhat smoother that the Blue Dolphin High Tack Kit.
1-component water-based glue
water-based sealant
Adhesive for laying stable, resilient floors as PVC, vinyl, linoleum
This water-based D3 glue is particularly suitable for the bonding of parquet floors with a tongue- and groove joint.
Two-component adhesive that is completely free of water and organic solvents.
2-component PU adhesive without the addition of water, epoxy and organic solvents.
polymer-based, 1-component adhesive with a silanic end structure (MS technology) that is completely free of water, solvents, amines, isocyanates and epoxy resins.
polymer-based, 1-component, air drying, elastic glue (MS Technology). This glue has sound reducing properties (-11 DB quality mark)
injection fizz glue, for filling hollow spaces
Very quick-drying adhesive that can be used for repairing wooden floors.
Glue trowel, made out of steel. Available in different gear profiles. Suitable for the application of all Blue Dolphin Adhesives.

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